Self portrait


The artist knows the model best; moreover, the model is always at hand, ready to pose (we need only to have a mirror). Seems easy. But at the same time it is the most difficult task, because it is about facing yourself and how you perceive yourself. Self-portrait, even the most realistic or mortuary, is a form of self-expression. In fact, it is not much different from the retouched selfie posted on social media. Some of my self-portraits are far apart from my real appearance, because their function is different than the photographic reproduction of the artist’s countenance.

Autoportret ferrari, ok. 45x60cm, akryl na płótnie, 2006

Zakazany owoc 60x50 cm, akryl na płótnie, 2012

Zakazany owoc III, 55x60 cm, akryl na płótnie, 2013

Zakazany owoc II 60x55 cm, akryl na płótnie, 2013

Smętny autoportret w czerwieni, 25x30cm, akryl na płótnie, 2013

Nadia syberyjska 70x100 cm, akryl na płótnie, 2005

Nadia goth, 60x80 cm, akr płótno, 2012

Flecistka (autoportret) 50x65 cm, akryl na płótnie, 2013

Dziewczyna zakładająca kaptur 55x61 cm, akryl płótno, 2012

Brązowy kapturek 46x60 cm, akryl na płótnie, 2012

Autoportret z długimi włosami, 65x85 cm, olej na płótnie, 2010

Autoportret księżycowy, 50x60 cm, akryl na płótnie, 2013


For sale – portrait